Astley and Dunley Parish Council have provided three defibrillators which have been located around the Parish, hopefully covering the whole of the Parish geographically.

These devices are accessible 24 hours a day. A defibrillator is a portable machine that automatically sends an electric shock to the heart muscle to return it to its normal rhythm

IMPORTANT: In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for an ambulance before you do anything else. The operator will confirm the location of the nearest defibrillator and give you the number code to unlock the door of the defibrillator cabinet and access the equipment.

The locations are:

Ridleys Cross      –            In the old red Telephone Box.

Astley Burf          –            ln the old Telephone Box at the junction of Seedgreen Lane and Hampstall Lane.

Dunley                  –           On the wall of the Dog Inn next to the car park kindly sponsored by Mr. Tim Field.

For the latter location the Parish Council must extend sincere thanks to Tim Field for allowing us to site the unit on the wall of the Dog and for his kindness in further allowing us to connect the unit to the Dog’s electrical supply.

Defib Locations