Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

(B4196 Astley) (Temporary Closure) Order 2024

Proposed Order: to close that part of B4196 Astley from its junction with B4196 Shrawley for a distance of 220 metres in a northerly direction.

Reason: Tree maintenance by Adrian Hope Tree Services.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: B4196 Astley, B4194 Pearl Lane, A451 Dunley Road, A451 Dunley, A451 Stourport Road, B4197 Great Witley, A443 Worcester Road, A443 Little Witley, A443 Witley Road, B4196 Holt Heath, B4196 Shrawley and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 Months. Anticipated duration: 2 days. Commencing: 22 July 2024

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

28 June 2024

1565082 – 1 – B4196 Astley

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B4196 – Shawley – Road Closure