Ultrafast Broadband for Astley Burf



More than 130% has been pledged, meaning that 85 premises will receive full fibre network in approximately 12 months.


Due to the fact that 130% has been pledged, Openreach requires no contract to be signed (they use the extra 30% as their risk mitigation).


The only requirement now will be to upgrade to a full fibre package when the network goes live – in approx.. 12 months.


I only have 6 contacts in your community, but 39 people pledged vouchers – so please could you share the good news with the rest of the community.


What happens next:


Your project will move into delivery and it will take Openreach approx.. 6 months to design and survey the infrastructure, and the build will likely start shortly after, with completion before Christmas 21.


Thank you for all your help!