Proposed new byelaws to protect salmon stocks on the Severn

What is happening?

Severn Salmon Consultation Notice poster

The Environment Agency is urging anglers and interested parties to have their say on proposed new fishing regulations that aim to protect salmon and sea trout stocks on the River Severn and estuary.

River Severn salmon populations have declined in recent years and are now falling below the Conservation Limit – that is the minimum level deemed necessary to maintain populations at a healthy and sustainable level.

It is hoped that the new measures, which will also protect stocks on the River Usk and Wye, will be in place for the next 10 years (reviewed after 5 years) and see a halt to the decline in salmon stock numbers.

We encourage all fisherman to review our proposals and participate in our consultation.
They can review our plans and respond online at:, or call 03708 506 506 to request a copy of the information to be posted or emailed.

Replacing existing regulations
Previous time-limited regulations for salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Severn for both rod and net fisheries need to be renewed and updated to ensure that salmon stocks are adequately protected from further harm.

What are the proposed new regulations?
The proposed new regulations will:

1. Require mandatory catch and release of all salmon and sea trout caught.
2. Restrict fishing methods in order to improve the survival of released salmon.
3. Prohibit the operation of the draft net and putcher fisheries, and require the release of all salmon and sea trout caught by the lave nets.
4. The number of available lave net licences to be set at 22 through a new Net Limitation