Message from Vicky at Midlands Storm Chasers

lightning poster
Please take time to talk to your kids about thunderstorm safety !
Essential thunderstorm safety .
1 . When you hear thunder , take shelter .
A strike can travel 50 miles outside of it’s parent cloud .
So if you hear a rumble , take cover if you are outside .
A car is the best place as it is a faradays cage ,
But get indoors !
2. Never ever take shelter under a tree !
A tree is taller and if it is struck , it will splinter , loose branches and there are many examples of trees exploding in all directions !
3 . If you are out in the open , either get to a safe place as fast as you can , or tuck down . Discard any metal such as belt buckles , watches , mobile phones , put your Feet firmly on the floor , crouch ,head between your knees , bum slightly raised .
There is evidence to suggest you are more likely to survive a strike if you’re soaked through from the rain as the current will choose the wet clothes to travel through to the ground .
4 . Put down you golf clubs and fishing poles !
5. A tent is no shelter ! If the ground is struck , you will be too .
6 . Stay away from plumbing.
Lightning can travel through the water and copper pipes .
There are accounts of people being killed doing the washing up , taking a bath or shower .
7 . Unplug and device attached to a phone line and stay away from the electrics in your house .
If the house is struck , or a tv aerial, the current with move through your wiring !
8. Stay away from metal windows , and windows with internal metal frames such as UPVC .
9 . Never use an umbrella! It can act as a lightning conductor!
Mother Nature is incredible,
Always keep your eyes to the sky’s ,
Appreciate the power ,
But in the safest way possible .