Solar farms 1

Industrial-scale Solar Farms

Because of the drop in the price of solar panels, now almost exclusively sourced in China, hundreds of new solar farm developments have entered planning across the UK. These large industrial-scale developments each range between 80 and 200 acres or more. They tend to be proposed on good or very good agricultural land which removes that land from agriculture and endangers the country’s food security.  Because solar production does not coincide with peak energy consumption, often large battery installations are proposed at the same time.  Such industrial scale batteries carry safety risks that may be underestimated.


When faced with the prospect of a new industrial-scale solar park nearby, local residents may feel lost and overwhelmed.  It is difficult for them to sort out fact and fiction.  Until now, there has not been a central body of knowledge they can turn to.  Over twenty local action campaigns opposed to large scale solar developments have formed an alliance to share knowledge and promote the siting of panels on roofs and brown land instead.


The alliance’s site is here and it welcomes new members. There is no cost to join.

Jim Moffat

Grimley Solar Farm Action Group