Fresh warnings about Stourport’s deadly ‘Blue Lagoon’ quarry – Kidderminster Shuttle

Stourport's "blue lagoon" quarry

OFFICERS have issued a fresh warning about the dangers of swimming in Stourport’s “Blue Lagoon” quarry.

Stourport SNT shared a tweet saying that the spot at Shavers End quarry is not so much an exotic Caribbean retreat, but more of a “cold, rubbish filled quarry with two cars at the bottom.”

Patrol Sergeant Dave Wise said: “Young, fit, healthy and strong swimmers die here and at similar quarries around the country every year.

“I’ve seen it happen and have witnessed the impact on those they leave behind.

“Don’t put your life at risk. Don’t pressure others to jump in. Stay out, stay alive.”

West Mercia Police tweeted: “As well as the hidden dangers, quarry water is incredibly cold, much colder than rivers, lakes and the sea.

“A sudden plunge into this sort of water could send your body into shock. Cold water shock can be fatal.

“Please don’t risk it.”

Last year, Wyre Forest Police took to social media to express their disbelief after officers ordered 40 visitors to vacate the fenced-off quarry in May.

Haider Ali, aged 17, died at the quarry in August last year. In July 2019, 18-year-old Jayden Clarke sadly died after hitting his head while swimming in the quarry with friends.