Dropped kerbs in Sandhampton

We have received a request on our customer access platform for two pairs of dropped kerbs in Sandhampton. We have determined through investigation that they should be located on the junctions of Sandhampton within the estate, please see the attached ‘Location Plan’. The pedestrian crossings will be uncontrolled, meaning that we will drop the kerbs to aid wheelchair and mobility scooter users.


Traffic Management:


In order to work on the crossings from the road, we will be required to close the road for the duration of the works. The road will be closed from the junction of B4194 Pearl Lane with C2239 Astley Hill Road to section of C2239 Astley Hill Road, please see the attached road closure and diversion plan. We intend to put advanced warning signs of the closure up 2 weeks prior to the start date and letter drop all affected frontages of the works.


Timescales and Dates:


We expect both crossings to take 5 days to complete in total. At present we plan on starting works on Monday 19th September 2022 with completion on Friday 23rd September 2022.


We will continue to keep you updated on the scheme as we progress and please do contact myself if you have any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,



James Bradshaw
Project Officer



Location Plan

Road Closure and Diversion Plan