D&O Primary Care Network – Covid Update

covid vac
Time for some (slightly belated) #CovidVaccine numbers for Herefordshire and Worcestershire!
✅ 491,788 first doses given in total – up 14,446 since last week.
✅ 323,205 second doses given in total – up 36,647 since last week.
That’s a grand total of 814,993 vaccinations given so far – 51,093 of those in the week ending 23rd May 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
✅ Almost all of those aged over 55 have received at least one dose, and 91.4% of those aged 50-54, 82.5% of those aged 45-9, and 81.4% of those aged 40-44 have had their first, too.
✅ 95.2% of over 80s, 100% of those aged 75-59, 96.3% of those aged 70-74, 89.4% of those aged 65-69, 68.6% of those aged 60-64, and 51.5% of those aged 55-59 have had their second dose, too – giving them the best available protection against coronavirus.
Our GPs and wider #NHS staff are still working – and in some cases, still volunteering their time, space, and resources – to rollout the vaccine to every single eligible patient, as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.
So thank you to all of our patients for your continued support, and to all of our teams across Worcestershire who are working tirelessly to vaccinate as many patients as we possibly can 💙
Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend everybody – and stay safe!