Christmas Message

Christmas banner1

As this year is rapidly drawing to a close, with Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, now is the time to reflect on the past year in the hope that 2022 will be much more settled and safer for all of us.

Many of you will be enjoying time with family and friends over the ensuing weeks, unlike last year at this time, but as you enjoy yourselves, please spare a thought for others who are less fortunate and may be spending a lonely time on their own. A few minutes of your time to pass a friendly word or two can mean so much to some and much better than a present.

It allows them time to realise that they are not forgotten.

This year has also put a lot of pressure on NHS staff and care workers, who have faced many struggles of their own coping with increased demands, so on behalf of us all we would like to thank them.

We are proud to live in this village and to witness the community spirit that exists here, but we must continue to be vigilant and keep ourselves and others safe and in good health, by obeying the rules that still exist and by getting vaccinated.

Today, the vaccine remains the most effective measure to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the risks of COVID-19. Vaccine hesitancy is reducing, confidence and uptake are increasing across all communities. We urge everyone to get fully vaccinated – this includes getting your first, second dose and booster doses. Vaccines are safe, effective and save lives

In the meantime, on behalf of the Clerk and Councillors at Astley & Dunley Parish Council we hope you all enjoy a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year.