Extreme Heat 1

A word from Vicky at Midland Storm Chasers

The heatwave is going to cause many issues .
I know this because I have taken the time to
Look at the previous heatwaves ,the data collected and the impacts.
Yup I’ve nerd to the hilt on this during the past ten days when the outlandish GFS whispered 40C .
This heatwave is not like the slowly increasing temperatures over the course of many weeks like in 76 .
This is a fast opening of an ovens door , blasting your face to check on your pizza .
It is different in terms of time , and it is different because the temperatures are highly likely to peak at 40c + in the more eastern regions of the U.K. .
Making this event the hottest blast of heat to date .
This rapid heat increase poses a serious risk to human health , pets , livestock and wildlife.
It isn’t just summer ,
It is a weather event ,
A severe weather event in the season of summer .
Just like we get winter , and there may be a snow storm . A severe snow storm in winter , only the risk to life is far greater .
Heat is the biggest danger to
Life when it comes to weather extremes .
Heat kills far more people in the world than hurricanes , typhoons, cyclones , thunder , snow , Ice , etc etc .
Heat is the biggest killer .
And those temps that kill people ?
They are 40c plus .
As I said , the oven door is about to be opened and shut in a relatively short space of time ,
The temperatures are going to be hotter than Cairo in Egypt .
Three days is enough to see serious impact and I urge you to be mindful .
Check in with your neighbours and loved ones , put water out for the animals and do your best to be MSC.
Mindful . Social , Caring .
Vicky – Midland Storm Chasers