NHW Report 2021/22

Below is my annual report which I presented last night at the main yearly Parish Council meeting, attended by the County councillor, the local councillor, interested residents and PCSO Vanessa Snape.

Please can you consider registering for the messaging system – Neighbourhood matters-  if you haven’t already and this can be shared widely too. Web site details below…

Home Page – Neighbourhood Matters

Thank you all for your continued support  – any issues or questions please ask me and I will endeavour to help


Neighbourhood Watch report for 2021/22 , quiet over last year due to Covid and the extraordinary lifestyle we all found ourselves in. Luckily the benefit of more people at home was increased security and less crime.


Part of the Astley Burf area welcomed a new co- ordinator Alan Whiteley who has settled in well and is helping pass messages on , my thanks to him and all the other people that support NHW locally. I do receive messages and information which i forward on and circulate as appropriate.


West Mercia police introduced a new messaging system in July 2021, for passing on information regarding all things policing. This is open to all, and you can select specific message headers, to just get relevant information for yourself- so  your area, your interests etc


The local police team  Martley and Tenbury –have some  new faces but luckily we have continuity with PCSO  Vanessa Snape whom knows the patch very well.


Crime Issues over the past 12 months:-

Theft of trailers –  especially those towed behind vehicles,

Theft of garden/ outdoor equipment

Internet scams, fraud / money issues online


Future issues, value of heating oil, fuel, diesel , theft from tanks, vehicles , please secure your supplies.


Continued Internet scams- please invest in online  protection- Firewall/Norton consider adding extra security levels to online dealings & payments,, such as two-step security.


No current expenditure for NHW – just requires time and internet access/usage


Sarah Beard