Increase in shed beak ins and trailer thefts

There has been an increase in reports of shed break ins and trailer thefts across the Tenbury and Martley SNT area. We have recieved reports of trailer thefts in Wichenford, Hallow, Astley and Great Witley. The thefts have taken place over the past few weeks between the hours of 6pm and 6am.

Trailer security

Where possible park your trailer where it cannot be seen from the road or surrounding fields or rights of way.

Park where there is good lighting with secure locks and gates.

When not in use, park or place something in front of the trailer so it cannot be moved.

Secure the trailer with a chain or steel cable to a strong anchor point.

Consider a cable alarm where an alarm will go off if the cable is cut.

Use a wheel lock/and or a hitch lock.

Record all relevant numbers e.g. chassis, hitch, body etc.

Make the trailer unique to you so it will stand out, this can be done by putting the farm, stable or your name or postcode on the side or using a motif or logo, this will act as a deterrent and make it easily identifiable.

Take photographs of the trailer from all angles, include close ups of scratches, dents scuff and any security markings and keep them in a safe place to give to the police to help them identify the vehicle if it is stolen.

Consider fitting a tracker that will notify you if the trailer is moved and allow you to track it and pass the information to the police.


Securing a shed

Fit a strong hasp and padlock to your shed door. Make sure the door is strong enough to resist being kicked or pushed in.

Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or use security screws on existing hinges.

Consider fitting a battery operated shed alarm.

Visibly mark the property you keep in your shed and garage and use anchor points to secure larger tools and equipment.


Securing your garden

Your front garden should not provide cover for a burglar. Hedges or fences at the front of your home should be limited to 1 metre high.

At the rear of your property, hedges, fences or walls should be at least 1.8 metres high. Gates leading to the rear of your property should be the same height and padlocked.

Move ladders, tables, chairs and wheelie bins so that they cannot be used to climb on. If possible, chain and padlock them to a strong anchor point.

Fit lighting in your garden. The most appropriate form of lighting for the back yard would be high-efficiency low-energy lighting, controlled by dusk-to-dawn switch so that it comes on only when it’s dark. This provides a constant and uniform level of light. It costs very little to run and helps create a more reassuring environment.

For further advice on Crime Prevention please contact us on the below link and scroll down for “Crime prevention” information box.


Kind regards

PCSO Deb Abbott 40528

Tenbury and Martley SNT